Meet the Water Ballet Instructors

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Natalie Grande – Head Coach – and/or

I am currently a sophomore at Bradley University double majoring in accounting and entrepreneurship. I am a recent graduate of Middleton High School where I was on the Dance and Tennis Team since freshman year. For over four years, I have been enjoying teaching dance and gymnastics at a local gym. In addition, I run my own tennis clinic where I teach a love of tennis for all ages. And of course, I will again be teaching swim lessons this summer at the pool as well. As you can tell, I love working with kids!

This will be my second year serving as Head Water Ballet Instructor and I couldn’t be more excited! I am very pleased to have the opportunity to be teaching your child one of my favorite childhood memories. When I used to participate in water ballet, I always envisioned myself choreographing and teaching my own lessons at High Point Pool. Now, I’m there! I look forward to making the Water Ballet program a highlight of your child’s summer and yours!

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Katherine McCarthy –

I am a sophomore at UW- Madison where I am studying psychology and neural biology. I’m a graduate of Middleton High School where I was in band, drama club and choir. I also figure skate and teach lessons in the Madison area.

I am looking forward to working with all of the different kids this year! I adore teaching kids new and exciting material. I was a part of the Water Ballet program for seven years at High Point Pool. My favorite memory is clamoring for the best spots to watch all of the other acts during recital!

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Caitlin Murphy –

This fall, I will be a junior at Memorial High School. Last year, I played volleyball and gymnastics for Memorial. Prior to high school, I did gymnastics for eight years at a local gym.

This is my second year as a Water Ballet Instructor; however, I have been in the Water Ballet program for seven years. I also did swim team and dive team at High Point. I am very excited to be working at the pool this summer, as I have always pictured myself here someday!

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Mary McCarthy –

I am a senior at Middleton High School where I am on the lacrosse and cross country teams. I was on the Swim Team at High Point for 7 years, Dive Team for 3 years, and a part of the Water Ballet program for 7 years as well.

This is my first year as a Water Ballet instructor but it feels like it’s been longer  as I have been shadowing my sister. I am excited  to meet all of the kids in the program and to teach my students something I loved so much when I was younger.